Disney World – yeah, of course I’m going again!

So now I’ve taken a few days to step away from my IT blogging dilemma and planned my annual birthday trip to Disney World. For those unfamiliar with the land of Mouse, it IS the happiest place on earth! No bullshit! I try not to swear when there but we’re here so it’s okay for now. Planning has never been this easy and as a Florida resident who goes 2 to 3 times a year, that speaks volumes.

New stuff: Everything can now be planned online! My tickets, some of my rides, resort and restaurant reservations are ALL linked to my bracelet (Magic Band) that should arrive in a couple of weeks – customized of course with my name and color of choice! The process is fairly new but they’ve escalated everything rather quickly! Plus, when I changed our accommodations this evening, they’re noting that it’s a birthday celebration!

Birthdays at the Mouse are fantastic NOT just because it’s your birthday but also because they’ll give you a button with your name on it letting ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU KNOW that it’s your birthday as well! You’ll be on a random ride and a cast member will go out of his/her way to wish you a happy birthday by name or make fun of you. Great fun! Even better? Forgetting you’re wearing it as a Brownie troop walks past you in the bathroom and all the little girls wish you happy birthday BY NAME! Okay, so THAT’S a little freaky but still great fun.

Animal Kingdom – day 1 –

Roller coaster Everest scheduled just BEFORE lunch. Always a must (going on it AND BEFORE food). Lunch at the Yak and Yeti! Dinosaur the Ride! Bang on the walls where they’re building AVATAR LAND – a tradition. Go see some animals. It’s Tough to be a Bug. See some more animals then head back to Port Orleans Riverside for dinner at Boatright’s. Hit the pool – all moderate resorts have fantastic waterslides!

Magic Kingdom – day 2 –

YES IT STILL COUNTS AS MY BIRTHDAY – Seven Dwarves Mine Train!! First time since it started that we get to go on it! I’ve also promised myself that we WILL go to the Hall of Presidents. We never go. I will reward my significant other with food for this because I know he’s going to fall asleep. But I haven’t seen it since Carter SO I’m going. Splash Mountain before the Mine Train but I had to list it first because I’m super excited about it. IJS. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed so we will mourn with extra desserts in Adventureland. I’m considering booking dinner at The Contemporary. Be Our Guest has just started serving breakfast beginning this month but it looked pricey for not much food choice. I hear lunch is the real deal there but it’s so popular I’m sure they are the “Canada” of restaurants for now. (An aside: it took me YEARS to get into Canada for a meal because they’re usually totally booked 6 months in advance and won’t cave to begging) Once it’s dark – skipping, ice cream and fireworks! Maybe take the monorail over and look at the changes to the Polynesian?

Epcot – day 3 –

International Flower and Garden Festival! AND it’s STILL MY BIRTHDAY! The butterfly garden is my favorite! Lunch in Italy. I reserved a Fast Pass for Test Track so that Travis and I can go on it TOGETHER. Usually we go on Soarin’ but that’s if the parentals are with so we do single rider just to go on but NEVER together. I’m going to design my own car! Definitely a trip on Spaceship Earth as well so we can do the automated thing that takes your pic on the ride and puts you into a cartoon video that you can email to your friends at the end! If you didn’t understand that part – just DO IT! You will love it! If you hate it, well, I was going to say, come back here and tell me so but I probably won’t care because I LOVE IT! Don’t know how late we’ll stay because then we have to go home. Poop. Or to Downtown Disney and see what changes they’ve made! We’ll see.

The odd thing is that after all these years and all those visits, I always feel better having visited. I’ve always met very nice people there – from all over the world. Lots of happiness and people getting along. The music swells. People dance and sing and skip and laugh. Skipping every now and again is important. Even when you’re going to be 48.

Blogging Hell!

So, starting a blog is not as easy as 1-2-3! After reading other blogger’s information, I went ahead and started this. I bought the premium upgrade because I read that the account would be easier to manage. So, for about $100, I got a FREE domain (?) and better blog templates though the really nice ones run you even more (between $40 and $100).

Next, I read that if I want to sponsor ads on my site, I need a web host. The first person I contacted suggested a site. I did some investigating and found that the domain name I’d like was available. Unfortunately, I read 2 days later that if you type the domain name you like into a host server site, you will likely LOSE SAID DOMAIN and have to buy it back at a premium. By the time I read this, mine was up to $70 plus commission. I opted to not use that web host because the fact that someone can lift stuff easily to sell back to me seemed seedy and unprofessional.

Today, I signed on with BlueHost. Recommended by WordPress, I’m finding a lot of misinformation and can’t get a clear answer. Best I can tell, I’ve laid out $207 now for a site I can’t complete because it must be up for 2 months before I can redirect it? ARGH! Oh, and of course redirecting has a fee.

I’ve just had ice cream and it’s not helped even a smidge! I might just put everything up as is and let the chips fall where they may. The whole process so far has been pretty sketchy.

Any masters of the blogging universe want to lend a hand?! I’m open for suggestions!

Perhaps my next post will be planning my trip to Disney so that I can feel happier about sharing with ya’ll!

Now I’ve gone and done it!

Welcome to the new home of my stuff! My writings, my pics, stuff that I like and I bet that you like too. I’m on a learning curve but watch out – I’m a quick study so I’m hoping to have plenty of content for ya’ll to dink around with right away.

For my friends who are going to obligatorily subscribe, please let me know if there’s a past something-something that you’d like me to share.

Thanks for joining me at my jumping off point!