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The grand plan overall is to throw everything into storage and head west. We’ve spoken to others who’ve done this and have decided when we find it, we’ll know. If you’ve read my blogs since last summer, you know that we fell in love with the west during our fantastic trip to Yellowstone and Jackson, WY. Our home is currently under contract and we’re exploring our opportunities in the western states!

Insanity. Number one consensus when our friends ask what we’ll do. Except from those who’ve gone before us…

As we contemplate the house closing, we’re mentally packing. We’ve got 3 weeks (plenty of time) and are selling at least a bedroom’s full of stuff. I can’t really plan where we’re going and when until the sale is final but the general idea is we’ll be stopping to see friends everywhere as we embark on this adventure.

Did I mention we’ll be traveling with 2 cats? Sookie, the Russian Blue and Pinky, the black mutt-y mouse. We’re on lesson 6 of harness training and have acquired a spiffy animal carriage so that they can come out and about with us.

Note the bitchin’ CUSTOM harnesses we got on Etsy. Cotton, machine washable with handles and plastic fittings for air travel.

Harnesses for cats! Who knew?
Harnesses for cats! Who knew?

We’d tried more basic harnesses, but we needed something that would allow us to pick them up out of harms way and to do so comfortably – for all of us. At least that was the thought. Pinky doesn’t like to be held and it’s turned out to be great for her as she is much less squirmy. Perfect for airport security. Then I’ll just be the squirmy one.

When they first tried them on, we only allowed them to wear the harnesses on the carpet because they kept falling over. We felt like bad cat parents for laughing so hard! They both move easily now (a week in) but Pinky moves less than normal- a good thing for travel since she’s the most likely to try to kill something and take off with it – and Sookie, who will do ANYTHING for a treat is cruising along just fine.

I preface the link below with PLEASE DON’T JUDGE US. We’re willing to do whatever we need to get the kids acclimated to travel with us to avoid long-term boarding with strangers and have read that this was the lesser, though painstaking, of 2 evils.

Harness training

Their first car ride, the two cats were very curious. We only drove down the street to get them used to it. Sookie got stressed about 10 minutes in so we went back home. Nothing that a little Party Mix couldn’t handle but I’d read it would be slow going at first. Click the link to see our first car ride adventure:

Kittehs in the car!
The difference between the car and the carriage – I’m not sure. Maybe it’s that they’ve now had a few rides in the car and it’s ALL good? Here’s hoping! One week in and second day in the carriage. Click the link in green below to see them enjoying their second trip around the neighborhood.

Kitties on their 2nd stroller ride!

We started acclimating them to their harnesses one week ago, so they’ll have a month’s worth of mini travel experiences by the time we begin our trek. We begin with the harnesses which they allow us to put on them now for the most part.

I’ve been researching cat friendly hotels and motels. Riiiight. Websites say dog friendly and sometimes cat but we’ve stayed in one before so I’m bringing Febreze and Tilex. We’ve also decided to camp a bit as well – because brown dirt is better than other-people dirt – but most likely in the northern U.S. because JUNE sucks in the south! We have an 8 man tent for Travis, me and the two girls but we bought the model we did JUST so kitties would have a nice enclosed porch. Yeah, that’s how we roll. #catthuglife #spoiledbratcatlife

We haven’t even planned our stops yet because until the house closes, we can’t risk losing reservations all over.

THE MAIN AREAS WE’RE LOOKING: CO, OR, WA! All 3 for various reasons. Love the idea of CA BUT not the expense. Don’t like the idea of buying again in CO because of fracking but LOVE the idea of single payer. Go COLORADO!

Hoping to see so many of you when we’re out and about! I’ll be posting regularly and am considering starting a vlog. Suppose it depends on if I have more to say to you than cat and Travis conversations. Stay tuned!